EUCASS 2013: The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Enablers for Ubiquitous Computing and Smart Services

Held in conjunction with COMPSAC, the IEEE Signature Conference on Computers, Software & Applications - July 22-26, 2013 - Kyoto, Japan


Goal of the Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to share and discuss the most advanced researches and development studies in the area of ubiquitous computing platforms and related services. This workshop will gather researchers, engineers and practitioners from academia and industry who are working in this research domain. This workshop will focus on new technical proposals, practical experiences, and a large scale experiment with widely sharing the research issues that we must solve in ubiquitous computing and service platforms. This workshop is one of the best opportunities to address the research issues and solutions in sufficient depth and breadth, and is intended to share knowledge and exchange ideas and/or actual field experiences, thereby promoting new studies and research topics in this area.

Theme and Scope of the Workshop

Ubiquitous computing and service platforms cover wide range of technical domains. This includes (1) networking (including wireless) of sensors and actuators to the computing platform, (2) management of distributed databases to efficiently mine, discover, and analyze the data obtained from sensors, (3) presentation of data so as to effectively interact with people and (4) automation of action-planning based on the data and policies configured by people. The workshop may also discuss the basic technologies such as overlay networks and applications such as smart grid systems developed on these technologies.

Sensors, tags and actuators are being networked and deployed everywhere. Application of those devices using smartphones is also rapidly becoming popular we use smartphones to check and control home appliances and building automation systems. Cloud computing technologies have enabled virtualization of these devices, and they powerfully provide Smart Services over the Internet. The enablers of Smart X (e.g., Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart House...) include those sensors, tags, actuators, phones, ubiquitous computing platforms and services. They have been also called as M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications, and IoT (Internet-of-Things). The research topics for the emerging Smart Services are:

sensor and actuator networks
sensor data management
service platforms
service aggregation
building/home energy management services
green ICT, smart gird
overlay networks
distributed (and stream) processing and management
delay tolerant networks for sensors
RFID tags
people-centric sensing, human-probe systems
privacy protection
how-to-deploy (feasibility study)

We respect deployable or feasible works especially inspired by social needs or industrial requirements because the future of smart services should be driven by those sociological movement.

We welcome business persons as well as academic and industrial researchers. Reports and suggestions on research, advancing technologies, business models, industrial case studies, and implementations are also welcomed. We also welcome work-in-progress paper in this workshop.


Papers must be submitted electronically via the EUCASS 2013 Submission Page.

Follow the IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines to prepare your papers:

All papers will be carefully reviewed by at least three reviewers. Papers can be submitted as regular papers (six pages), and the acceptance will depend on reviewer feedback. Accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings of the IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2013) by the IEEE CS Press. At least one of the authors of each accepted paper must register as a full participant of the workshop to have the paper published in the proceedings. Each accepted paper must be presented in person by an author.

General Inquiries

For updated information, please contact the workshop organizers.

EUCASS Organizers

Hideya Ochiai
The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
E-mail: ochiai (at)

Susumu Takeuchi
NTT, Japan
E-mail: takeuchi.susumu (at)

Xiaohan Liu

Chinese Academy of Science, China
E-mail: liuxiaohan (at)

Program Committee

Adnan Al-Anbuky, AUT University, New Zealand
Albert Krohn, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Denis Villorente, ASTI, Phillipine
Hiroshi Mineno, Shizuoka Univ., Japan
Hiroyuki Inoue, Hiroshima City Univ., Japan
Kazuyuki Shudo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Keiichi Shima, Internet Initiative Japan., Japan
Koen Langendoen, Delft Univ. of Technology, Netherlands
Masahiro Ishiyama, Toshiba Corporate R&D Center, Japan
Masato Yamanouchi, Keio Univ., Japan
Masayuki Hirafuji, NARC Tsukuba, Japan
Okhwa Lee, Chungbuk National Univ., Korea
Oyunchimeg Shagdar, INRIA, France
P. Rajalakshmi, Indian Institute of Technology, India
Sho Fujita, Yokogawa Corporation, Japan
Takaaki Moriya, NTT Communications, Japan
Ting-Yun Chi, Taiwan National University, Taiwan
Tomoki Yoshihisa, Osaka Univ., Japan
Tsutomu Terada, Kobe Univ., Japan
Yuusuke Kawakita, The University of Electro Communications, Japan

Workshops Program Deadlines

Extended: April 8, 2013 : Workshop papers due
April 26, 2013: Workshop paper notifications
May 5, 2013: Camera-ready copy and registration due