HSNCE 2013: The 4th IEEE International Workshop on High-Speed Network and Computing Environment

Held in conjunction with COMPSAC, the IEEE Signature Conference on Computers, Software & Applications - July 22-26, 2013 - Kyoto, Japan


Goal of the Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to discuss and advance the state-of-the-art, research and development in the area of data-intensive applications and systems to execute such applications on high-speed network and computing environment, and to promote the study of both fundamental and practical aspects of design of such applications and systems. The workshop addresses researchers from different disciplines in academia and industry, as well as practitioners, who share interests in system design on high-speed network and computing environment. The focus will be on techniques and experiences drawn from current system design and scheme practice, as well as on emergent topics.

Theme and Scope of the Workshop

In the last decade, high-speed networks and high-performance computing resource have considerably and constantly increased. Consequently, this evolution has fostered the emergence of global-scale applications exchanging tremendous amount of data, highly demanding in terms of computing and whose complexity seems limitless. This is noticeably the case for Big Data mining in societal applications, complex systems simulation or multidimensional datasets visualization in sciences, to cite but a few. However, this technological development comes with a cost, e.g. regarding energy efficiency, and its potential is certainly not endless. Under this thrust, rational and efficient utilization of resources became an important challenge in network management. In this direction, infrastructure virtualization is a physical abstraction that permits a better exposition of the application requirements, of the network capacity and of the resource availability, along with an interactive communication between these entities. The theme of this workshop is to highlight the advantages and the flexibility of cloud networking to support Big Data applications, with particular focus on Software Designed Networks and middleware design.

Any submission whose content is relevant to the area of data-intensive applications and systems to execute such applications on high-speed network and computing environment will be considered, but submissions whose subject is related to one of the following topics will be particularly welcome:

• Large-scale applications
• Applications in world-wide computing environment
• Visualization of large datasets
• Large-scale data sharing scheme
• Large-scale and distributed storage
• Big Data analytics and knowledge management
• Dynamic resource management
• Network middleware, cloud architecture, and computing
• Energy efficiency in high-speed networks and computing environments
• Measurements issues in high-speed networks and large-scale distributed applications
• SDN for global-scale applications
• Middleware design for demanding application over federated testbeds.


Papers must be submitted electronically via the HSNCE 2013 Submission Page.

Follow the IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines to prepare your papers: http://www.computer.org/portal/web/cscps/submission.

All papers will be carefully reviewed by at least three reviewers. Papers can be submitted as regular papers (six pages), and the acceptance will depend on reviewer feedback. Accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings of the IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2013) by the IEEE CS Press. At least one of the authors of each accepted paper must register as a full participant of the workshop to have the paper published in the proceedings. Each accepted paper must be presented in person by an author.

General Inquiries

For updated information, please contact the workshop organizers.

HSNCE Organizers

Paulo Gon็alves
INRIA/ENS-Lyon, France
Email: Paulo.Goncalves (at) ens-lyon.fr

Ken-ichi Baba
Osaka University, Japan
Email: baba (at) cmc.osaka-u.ac.jp

Program Committee

Yoshiyuki Asai, OIST, Japan
Annemie van Hirtum, Grenoble University, France
Matthieu Imbert, ENS-Lyon, France
Khoji Koyamada, Kyoto University, Japan
Jysoo Lee, KISTI, Korea
Kazunori Nozaki, Osaka University, Japan
Hiroyuki Ohsaki, Osaka University, Japan
Anne-C้cile Orgerie, CNRS-INRIA, France
Dimitri Perrin, Dublin City University, Ireland
Bruno Raffin, INRIA, France
Naohisa Sakamoto, Kyoto University, Japan
Eisaku Sakane, NII, Japan
Shinji Shimojo, Osaka University, Japan
Shigeo Wada, Osaka University, Japan
Ray Walshe, Dublin City University, Ireland

Workshops Program Deadlines

• Extended: April 8, 2013 : Workshop papers due
• April 26, 2013: Workshop paper notifications
• May 5, 2013: Camera-ready copy and registration due